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Our school will hold some activities from 9th to 13th October: taking part in “Cartagena, Enclave Erasmus” event, outdoor activities between groups of different levels promoting the European spirit, having our students talk about the eTwinning and Erasmus+ experiences from last year, encouraging student participation in future eTwinning projects or promoting the integration of our students from other countries as part of the European identity. The photos and videos taken during the Erasmus Days will be shared on the school's social networks.

Nuestro centro realizará varias actividades del 9 al 13 de octubre: participando en "CARTAGENA, ENCLAVE ERASMUS", con actividades entre grupos de diferentes cursos promoviendo el espíritu europeo, explicando las experiencias eTwinning y Erasmus + del curso pasado, promoviendo la participación en futuros proyectos eTwinning o la integración de estudiantes de otros paises como parte de la identidad europea. Las fotos y videos tomados durante los Erasmus Days


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